Mansi Shah

Collectible Design
        Mouth Side Table (2018)
        Place, Space (2023)
        Tiled Low Side Tables (2023)
        Tiled Chair (forthcoming)
        Tiled Low Coffee Table (forthcoming)

       Home, House (2023)
       Playgrounds (forthcoming)
       Machines (forthcoming)

        Oceanic Feelings

Select Exhibitions
        Compound YV (2023)
        Superhouse (2021)
        Marta (2020)
        Hem (2019)

Info —
Mansi Shah is a South Asian artist & designer representing the alchemy of image-making through color, form & material explorations.

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Place, Space (2023)

Place, Space (2023)
Earthenware, Lead-free Underglaze, Glass, Light Components
Oxidation Fire
11 W × 11 D × 22 H in.

Place, Space (2023)

Made from irregular slabs of clay pieced together, all the while bringing forth and celebrating the imperfect raw edges of the slab. The hard-edges and soft gradient colors of the glaze add a depth and movement to the surface of the work. The glass shade for the light fixture was created with the pâte de verre technique, which is a material produced by grinding glass into a fine powder, adding a binder to create a paste, and adding a fluxing medium to facilitate melting. The glass paste was then tamped into a plaster mold, dried, and fused by firing. After annealing, the shade was removed from the mold and finished by cold working.

Place, Space functions as a side table and a floor lamp for residential spaces.
Made to order.
Email for pricing.