Mansi Shah

Collectible Design
        Mouth Chair, 2018
        Place, Space, 2023
        Tiled Low Side Tables, 2023
        Tiled Chair, 2023
        Tiled Coffee Table, 2023

       Home, House, 2023
       Playgrounds (forthcoming)
       Machines (forthcoming)

Select Exhibitions
        Three Little Pigs (forthcoming)
        Compound YV (2023)
        Superhouse (2021)
        Marta (2020)
        Hem (2019)

Info —
Mansi Shah is a South Asian artist & designer representing the alchemy of image-making through color, form & material explorations.

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Supergroup at Superhouse (2021)

Interlocking Reclining Vases
Earthenware, Lead-free Underglaze, Oxidation Fire
8 W × 3 D × 5 H in.

Supergroup, at Superhouse (2021)

Superhouse’s inaugural show, Super Group, featured work by 50+ contemporary artists and designers from around the world. 

The show took place in Brooklyn, New York showing one of a kind lamps, mirrors, vessels, chairs, stools, functional art and sculpture produced in a range of techniques and materials.

Made to order.
Email for pricing.

Curated by Stephen Markos, artists included:

— Joseph Algieri, AuchKatzStudio, Thomas Barger, Olivia Bax, Hannah Bigeleisen, Aaron Blendowski, BNAG, Bradley L. Bowers, Steven Bukowski, Sophie Collé, Caroline David, Ryan Decker, Decio Studio, Zachery Dietrich, Emma Fague, Diego Faivre, Finemateria, Al Freeman, E. Winslow Funaki, Yuki Gray, Sean Gerstley, Zac Hacmon, Cristian 'Selva' Huygens, Ryan Jones, Misha Kahn, Kiss the Architect, Audrey Large, Leo Luccioni, Ryan Patrick Martin, Finn Meier & Studio Bad, Walter Mingledorff, Jolie Ngo, Amir Nikravan, Harry Nuriev, Odd Matter, Nifemi Ogunro, OrtaMiklos, Permanent Objects, Gaetano Pesce, Pieterjan, Ryan Preciado, Isabel Rower, Ruckercorp, Lukas Saint Joigny, Mansi Shah, Kent Fonn Skåre, Cat Snodgrass, Sam Stewart, Studio BehaghelFoiny, Studio Julia Olanders, Superpoly, Matt Taber & Andrew Erdos, Nicholas Tilma, Touche-Touche, Kasey Toomey, Jonas von Ostrowski, Jennifer Wilkinson